The Unshiftables

Today’s post is about the two pitchers whose teams have yet to employ a defensive shift behind them this season, and what that tells us. Given Saturday night’s news about Mike Matheny, it’s of particular interest.

Two hundred sixty-five pitchers have faced at least 150 batters this season, and only two have yet to pitch in front of a defensive shift. Those two pitchers are Shohei Ohtani and Jordan Hicks.

Obviously, Hicks and Ohtani have more than one thing in common. They both have elite velocity, and it can be a bit harder to predict where opponents will hit the ball when a flamethrower is on the hill. It seems to me, however, that the primary reason these two particular guys wouldn’t be shifted behind is that their teams don’t have the information they would need to do it confidently. Ohtani, of course, hadn’t pitched in the United States prior to this spring. Hicks jumped right past Double- and Triple-A. Mikes Matheny and Scioscia (no gurus of communication with young or inexperienced players, and slow implementers of even the most fundamental, common-sense innovation) have just not seen any benefit in moving defenders around behind their young fireballers.

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